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744 Nonprofit organizations in Monsey, NY 10952
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28 Myrberg Avenue Foundation Inc03$41,562$79,568
A Rubin Z Rubin03$10,867$9,074
Abe And Chaya Foundation03$396,390$1,414
Abe H & Marilyn Konstam Foundation Inc03$5,521$2
Abraham & Raizel Ekstein Charitable Foundation03$59,268$83,230
Abraham Ausch Charity Foundation Inc03$13,098$55,000
Acheinu Inc03$8,683$433,883
Achi613 Inc03  
Achievement Masters Inc03$22,559$63,202
Acr Foundation03$1$1
Adas Chareidis03  
Affordable Community Inc03$3,396,364$528,531
Agudas Achim Of Monsey03  
Agudas Tov Vchesed Inc03$979,235$2,672,916
Ahavas Chaverim Gemilas Chesed Inc03  
Airmont Shul03  
Aishel Foundation Inc03$39,564$36,025
Alex And Zoli Foundation03$77,969$172,170
Als Family Relief Inc03$92,458$3,199
Alternative Healthcare Resource Inc03  
Ambient Funding Corp03$372,714$697,270
American Bucharian Communities-bni Bechori Inc03  
American Federation Of Teachers05$723,963$721,676
American Friends Of Avos Ubanim Inc03  
American Friends Of Bais Hamedresh Taharos03$429,905$1,636,032
American Friends Of Beis Soroh Schenierer Seminary Inc03  
American Friends Of Birchas Mordechai03$143,427$1,163,164
American Friends Of Gaon Yacov Inc03$110$176,410
American Friends Of Institute Of Torah Ethics03$10,275$77,845
American Friends Of Keren Achim03$48,544$37,774
American Friends Of Kollel Ohr Lhalacha Kiryat Sefer03  
American Friends Of Kollel Oitzer Shass Canada Inc03  
American Friends Of Mosdos Hakerem Inc03$974,739$375,298
American Friends Of Mosdos Nachlas Shimon Inc03$43,103$162,195
American Friends Of Nesivos Hatorah Inc03  
American Friends Of Netiv Aryeh Inc03$281,682$2,953,982
American Friends Of Sulam Inc03$5,916$271,122
American Friends Of The Rabbinical College Kol Torah Inc03$133,038$591,208
American Friends Of Thorat Chajm Inc03$399,536$787,530
American Friends Of Torah Umesorah Of Latinoamerica Inc03$125,195$11,650
American Friends Of Yeshiva Da Aschochma Inc03$7,581$387,238
American Friends Of Yeshiva Tiseret03$57,896$1,153,909
American Friends Of Yeshivas Hagramad Inc03$354,107$425,424
American Friends Of Yeshivat Tifrach03$81,501$428,961
American Friends Of Zvi Latzadik Br Eslov Research Institute Jerusalem03$37,479$532,924
American Friends Tomchai Shabath Foundation03$43,719$94,760
American Legion19$173,028$64,262
American Legion19$158,393$90,290
American Postal Workers Union05$13,784$23,302
Amh Fund03$2,975$2,091
Anshei Bnai Torah03  
Anshei Sfard Dmonsey03  
Anshei South Monsey Inc03  
Arena Foundation Inc03  
Arm Foundation03$251,649$31
Aronson Family Charitable Foundation03$4,764,662$60,570
Arthur And Joyce Fein Family Foundation Inc03$1,782,281$421,798
Ateres Bais Yaakov Academy Of Rockland03$1,007,233$1,894,694
Ateres Esther Inc03$11,258$30,536
Ateres Rosh Kolbesov03  
Avnei Pinchos03  
Avrohom And Blimi Charitable Foundation03$497,939$148,162
Ayil Institute Inc03  
B Y Ltd Foundation03$35,920$35,920
Bais Binah03  
Bais Ephraim Charitable Foundation Tr03$5,573,403$1,288,655
Bais Hamedrish Netzach Yisroel03  
Bais Mayer Chevra Shas03  
Bais Medrash L Torah03  
Bais Medrash Of Rockland County Inc03  
Bais Medrash Of Rockland Inc03  
Bais Trany Of Monsey Inc03  
Bais Yaakov Elementary Of Rockland County03  
Bais Yaakov Of Spring Valley03  
Bais Yehuda Inc03  
Bais Yosef Meir03  
Bartlett Foundation03$28,263$30,034
Bayit Cham03$47,735$51,174
Beineinu Inc03  
Beir Yosef03$128,387$334,122
Beis Neimon D Rabeinu Yoel M Satmar Seminary03  
Beitar Foundation Incorporated03$14,952$525,000
Beith Matityahu03$22,903$98,600
Benmen Fund03$17,940$166,000
Benson Breast Cancer Foundation03  
Beth Horoah Inc03  
Beth Israel Of Monsey03  
Beth Medrash Eeyun Hatalmud03  
Beth Oloth03$5,359$394,215
Beth Tefilla Of Monsey03  
Bikur Cholim Inc03$868,761$3,406,763
Binyan Torah Inc03  
Birchas Avreichim Foundation03$6,511$112,312
Birchas Shmuel Foundation03$1,410,911$23,205
Bnei Aharon Charitable Trust03  
Bnei Meshulem Inc03  
Bnei Mordechai Charitable Foundation03$1,058,943$814,863
Bnei Moshe Foundation03$1$1
Bnei Yeshivas World Student Committee03$1 
Bnei Yeshurun Of Monsey03  
Bnei Yissocher Foundation Inc03$1,210$28,990
Bodner Family Foundation Inc03$19,996,330$2,616,222
Bonoyich Inc03  
Bosem Foundation03$528,651$134,561
Botai Elyon Inc03  
Bruck Foundation Inc03$171,242$9,034
Bsds Foundation Inc03$1$1
Camp Gan Israel North East03$1,534,781$416,948
Catholic Daughters Of The Americas03  
Center For Jewish Family Life Inc03$169,628$284,598
Center For Training Jewish Day School Teachers Inc03$80,740$69,471
Central Uta Of Monsey03  
Chabad Of The Upstate03  
Chaim Vchesed Dribnitz03  
Chasdei Miriam Devorah Inc03  
Chasdei Yakov Foundation Inc03$1,545$149,672
Chasden Nisroel And Slava Inc03  
Chasodim Inc03$2,204$1,200
Chayei Olam03  
Chazora Center Of Rockland County Inc03  
Cheder Chabad-Monsey03$959,285$2,435,785
Chesed Vtovos03  
Chevra Hatzoloh Of Rockland County Inc03  
Chevra Mishnayos Of Monsey03  
Chevra Osai Tzdokoh Vchesed Dsatmar Inc03  
Chevra Shas Keren Yeshua Of Monsey03  
Chochma Vodaas03  
Christian Community Spring Valley Congregation03  
College And Community Torah Council03  
Community Humanitarian Association Inc03$1,159,475$43,829
Community Medical And Dental Care03$3,942,725$9,849,874
Community Mikvah Of Wilder03  
Community Outreach Center Inc03$2,758,961$7,170,742
Community Synagogue Of Monsey03  
Cong Avrichem Dsatmar03  
Cong Bais Chana03  
Cong Bais Chinuch Hayoshon03  
Cong Bais Malka03  
Cong Bais Yitzchak Inc03  
Cong Beear Avrohom Dslonim03  
Cong Beer Menachem03  
Cong Beth Medrash Meor Yitzchok Inc03  
Cong Beth Medresh Chemed Of Rockland03  
Cong Birchas Shulem Of Svalyeva Inc03  
Cong Bnei Meluchim Inc03  
Cong Borov Inc03  
Cong Divri Emuna Inc03  
Cong Ezer Yeshiva03  
Cong Gmach Mordche Vchave Inc03  
Cong Kehal Adas Nasaud03  
Cong Kehilath Yakov Pupa Of Monsey03  
Cong Keren Zichron Yitzchok Inc03  
Cong Merkoz Halacha03  
Cong Mesifta Ohel Torah Inc03  
Cong Metar Hashomayim Dba Toras Moshe03  
Cong Mischknois Lavier Yakov Inc03  
Cong Mkadshei Shvii Inc03  
Cong Nachlas Mordechai Zvi-Kashau03  
Cong Ohel Torah03  
Cong Ohel Yehoshua Of Belz03  
Cong Ohel Yitzchok Svaliva Inc03  
Cong Oholei Tzvi Dspinka Inc03  
Cong Ohr Yisroel Vilednik03  
Cong Ponim Meiros D Monsey Inc03  
Cong Shaarei Chesed03  
Cong Torah Vchesed03  
Cong Vayoal Moshe Satmer Of Monsey Inc03  
Cong Yeshiva Ohr Yesha Khal Prochnik03  
Cong Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim03  
Cong-yeshiva & Kollel Zichron Elimelach Inc03  
Congeration Aharon Vyaakov03  
Congration Ribinitz Inc03  
Congregation & Yeshiva Derech Chaim03  
Congregation & Yeshiva Pardes Yosef Dchasidei Belz03  
Congregation Adas Chasidim Inc03  
Congregation Adas Lublin03  
Congregation Adas Vien Inc03  
Congregation Agudath Israel Of Monsey03  
Congregation Ahavas Olam03  
Congregation Ahavas Yitzchak Of Wesley Hills03  
Congregation Akeres Habayis Inc03  
Congregation Al Hadaf03  
Congregation And Yeshiva Beth Eliyahu03  
Congregation And Yeshiva Zichron Yeshaia03  
Congregation Anshei Chesed03  
Congregation Ateres Hatorah Ohel Yaakov03  
Congregation Ateres Yisroel03  
Congregation Avos Ubanim03  
Congregation Avreichim Vien Inc03  
Congregation Ayshel Avraham03  
Congregation B Nei Avraham03  
Congregation Bais Aharon03  
Congregation Bais Avrohom Kol Yaakov C/o S Tress03  
Congregation Bais Chana Malka03  
Congregation Bais Efraim I03  
Congregation Bais Elazar Inc03  
Congregation Bais Hillel03  
Congregation Bais Usher Darkai Torah03  
Congregation Bais Usher Dsiksa Inc03  
Congregation Bais Yaakov Of Ramapo03  
Congregation Bais Yaakov Ohel Vichna Inc03  
Congregation Bais Yehuda Dganitch Inc03  
Congregation Bais Yehudi Inc03  
Congregation Bais Yisocher Berish Inc03  
Congregation Bais Zichron Eliezer Inc03  
Congregation Beis Pinchus Tr03  
Congregation Beis Ratzfert03  
Congregation Beth Aron Dkarlin Stolin Of Monsey03  
Congregation Beth David03  
Congregation Beth Eliezer Inc03  
Congregation Beth Medrosh Of Monsey New York03  
Congregation Beth Mikroh Inc03  
Congregation Beth Rochel Of Monsey03  
Congregation Beth Yechil Inc03  
Congregation Beth Yitzhock Of Rockland County03  
Congregation Bethel Of Swan Lake Inc03  
Congregation Bikor Cholim Dkhal Machzekei Hadas03  
Congregation Binas Yisaschor03  
Congregation Birchos Yosef03  
Congregation Birkas Rosh Institute Inc03  
Congregation Bnai Torah03  
Congregation Bnei Aharon Inc03  
Congregation Bnei Moshe Of Pressburg Inc03  
Congregation Bnei Sholem Of Kahal Nopker Inc03  
Congregation Bnei Yakov03  
Congregation Bnei Yerushalayim03  
Congregation Bnos Melochim Inc03  
Congregation Bnos Toras Emachu Inc03  
Congregation Bobov Community Of Rockland County03  
Congregation Chaim Lalev Institute03  
Congregation Chaim Ubracha03  
Congregation Chaim V-chesed Inc03  
Congregation Chasadim Tovim Inc03  
Congregation Chasdei Bracha Inc03  
Congregation Chasdei Tzedek03  
Congregation Chasdeir Avos Inc Dba Keren Chasonim03  
Congregation Chasidai Belz Of Rockland County03  
Congregation Chasidei Bobov Ofmonsey03  
Congregation Chasidei Gur Of Monsey03  
Congregation Chassidic Viznitc03  
Congregation Chazon Yecheskel Inc03  
Congregation Chesed Veyeshia03  
Congregation Childrens Aid Fund Inc03  
Congregation Derech Emes03  
Congregation Derech Emes Of Wesley Hills03  
Congregation Divrei Chaim03  
Congregation Divrei Yecheskel Of Shinive03  
Congregation Dkhal Derech Emes03  
Congregation Eitz Chaim03  
Congregation Eizer Lbracha Inc03  
Congregation Emek Tefilah03  
Congregation Emes V-emuna Inc03  
Congregation Even Shelema Inc03  
Congregation Ezer L Yehudah Inc03  
Congregation Gemach Sanz Klausenberg Inc03  
Congregation Gemach V Yoel Moshe Inc03  
Congregation Gmach Yakov Kopel Inc03  
Congregation Hachzukas Achim Inc03  
Congregation Hadar Inc03  
Congregation Heichal Hakodesh Breslov Monsey Inc03  
Congregation Hichal Habrocho03  
Congregation Hisachdus Avreichim Of Bates Inc03  
Congregation Ichud Hakehillos Inc03  
Congregation Kehal Square Of Roman03  
Congregation Kehilath Jacob Of Monsey03  
Congregation Keren Ecrah Inc03  
Congregation Keren Yaakov Hersh And Faiga Inc03  
Congregation Keren Yehoshua Zichron Zvi03  
Congregation Keren Yesomim Inc03  
Congregation Khal And Beth Medrash Zichron Yaakov Inc03  
Congregation Khal Avreichim Mishkan Hatorah Inc03  
Congregation Khal Bais Mordechai03  
Congregation Khal Beis Usher03  
Congregation Khal Divrei Moshe Of Grosswardein03  
Congregation Khal Kdishas Levi03  
Congregation Khal Yereim03  
Congregation Khal Yereim Of Woodridge03  
Congregation Khal Zvi03  
Congregation Kinyan Seforim03  
Congregation Knesseph Mordichai Inc03  
Congregation Kol Juda03  
Congregation Kolel Ahavas Yerusholaim And Bais Yisroel03  
Congregation Kolel Bais Avrohom Yakov Inc03  
Congregation Kolel Bnei Brak03  
Congregation Kolel Sanz Klausenberg Inc03  
Congregation Kolel Toras Hashem Inc03  
Congregation Kollel Ateras Yisroel03  
Congregation Kollel Horabonim03  
Congregation Kollel Meor Yosef Inc03  
Congregation Lev Simcha03  
Congregation Lizensk03  
Congregation Machon Tiferes Bachurim03  
Congregation Machzikei Torah03  
Congregation Mesifta03  
Congregation Mesifta Beth Shraga03  
Congregation Mesista Ohr Torah Inc03  
Congregation Migdal Hashain Of Libichoiv03  
Congregation Mikdash Dovid Inc03  
Congregation Myad Lyad Inc03  
Congregation Nachlas Chaim Inc03  
Congregation Nachlas Moshe03  
Congregation Ner Yehuda03  
Congregation Neturei Karta International Inc03  
Congregation Netzach Avrohom Inc03  
Congregation Netzach Menachem03  
Congregation Of Concord Inc03  
Congregation Of Koifer Nefesh03  
Congregation Of New Square Joan Rausman Wedding Hall Inc03  
Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel Of Blueberry Hill Inc03  
Congregation Ohel Avrohom Inc03  
Congregation Ohel Moshe03  
Congregation Ohel Torah Of Williamsburg03  
Congregation Ohel Yaakov03  
Congregation Ohel Yitzchok C O Judith Waldman03  
Congregation Ohr Hachai-stropkov Inc03  
Congregation Ohr Hamaeir Inc03  
Congregation Ohr Hameir Dmonsey Inc03  
Congregation Ohr Torah Inc03  
Congregation Ohr Yitzchok Inc03  
Congregation Ohr Yosef03  
Congregation Ohrmoshe03  
Congregation Orchos Chaim Spinka03  
Congregation Osher Bchaim Inc03  
Congregation Osseh Chesed Inc03  
Congregation Project Awareness Inc03  
Congregation Reyim Ahuvim Inc03  
Congregation Rimza D Chochmosa Inc03  
Congregation Rodeph Shalom Inc03  
Congregation Saad Letorah Inc03  
Congregation Sdei Yitzcok Of Bilitz Inc03  
Congregation Sdei Yosef03  
Congregation Sedilkov Inc03  
Congregation Shar Hatalmid Inc03  
Congregation Sharei Tefilah03  
Congregation Shearis Nachalauso Inc03  
Congregation Shefa Chaim03  
Congregation Shilo Inc03  
Congregation Shimee Uschee Inc03  
Congregation Sussen Vsimcha Inc03  
Congregation Talmud Torah Tashbar Nachlas Chaim03  
Congregation Tamar Of Monsey Inc03  
Congregation Tel-dun Of Monsey03  
Congregation Terzal Inc03  
Congregation Tiferes Tzvi03  
Congregation Tifereth Avraham03  
Congregation Tifereth Bnai Torah03 $339,055
Congregation Tifereth Bochurim Inc03  
Congregation Tifereth Israel03  
Congregation Tlc Inc03  
Congregation Toldos Aron03  
Congregation Toldos Yitzchok03  
Congregation Torah Outreach Project03  
Congregation Torah Vyirah03  
Congregation Torath Hamishna Inc03  
Congregation Tzadik Yesod Olam03  
Congregation Tzemach Dovid Of Dinav03  
Congregation Tzemach Tzedek Of Monsey Inc03  
Congregation Y H K A Inc03  
Congregation Yad Linidachim03  
Congregation Yadeluzer Inc03  
Congregation Yaldei Yochonon Of Rachmisrivke Inc03  
Congregation Yasla03  
Congregation Yesheos Yakov03  
Congregation Yeshiva Karlin Stolin Of Monsey03  
Congregation Yeshiva Kesser Torah03  
Congregation Yeshiva Of Greater Monsey Inc03  
Congregation Yeshivas Meon Hatorah Inc03  
Congregation Yeshivas Viznits Inc03  
Congregation Yeshivath Masmidim Inc03  
Congregation Yetev Lev Of Monsey03  
Congregation Yotzer Ohr Inc03  
Congregation Zemach David03  
Congregation Zichroen Tzvi Inc03  
Congregation Zichron Be Er03  
Congregation Zichron Chaim Noach03  
Congregation Zichron Cichron Avrohom Inc03  
Congregation Zichron Moshe Yehuda03  
Congregation Zichron Shlomo03  
Congregation Zichron Tzvi Aryeh Inc03  
Congregation Zichron Yitzchok03  
Congregation Zichron Zvi03  
Congregation Ziev Hatorah Of Monsey Inc03  
Congrgation Kochev Yitzchok D Bobov03  
Congrgation Madrich Bunim Inc03  
D&mn Foundation03$84,957$35,062
Daboise Foundation Inc03$82,015$96
David And Chaya Zahler Foundation Inc03$330,663$1,328,012
Diamond Foundation03$1$1
Dilona Foundation Inc03$1$1
Dinim Foundation03$772$3,300
Divrei Avrohom Inc03$1$1
Educational Media Exposition Society Inc03  
Eizer Bachurim Dmonsey Friends Of Teenagers Inc03$99,678$1,106,747
Elmwood Elementary School Pta03  
Evven Yashfeh Inc03  
Ezer Nisuin Inc03  
Ezras Yisrael03  
Fellowship For Campus Safety And Integrity Inc03  
Fine Foundation03$4,550$1
Fishoff Family Foundation03$9,165,086$5,264,604
Fls Foundation Inc03$523,413$368,333
Focusing Initiatives International Inc03$67,313$109,062
Foundation Alexandre Dumas For The Development Of Latiboliere03  
Foundation For The Legacy Charter School Of Innovative Thinkers Inc03  
Fountainview At College Road Inc03$24,198,056$6,886,953
Friends Of Ahavat Shalom Inc03$3,003,166$6,351,906
Friends Of Institute For Advanced Talmudic Study Inc03  
Friends Of Michlalah Yerushalayim03$882,568$550,453
Friends Of Nahal Haredi Inc03$15,614$1,092,081
Friends Of Pnei Shmuel Inc03$6,078$34,691
Friends Of Rockland Inc03$30,732$115,686
Friends Of The Brisker Yeshiva Inc03  
Friends With Diabetes Internationalinc03$39,632$199,108
Gan Shemesh Day Care Inc03$91,987$184,073
Gateshead Seminary Committe Inc03  
Gateways Organization Inc03$10,518,237$6,810,479
Gemilas Chesed Inc03$1,322,802$17,189
Genuth Family Foundation03$560$1
Gittel Bas Akiva Foundation03$247,038$171,302
Gmach Hatzoloh Of Rockland County03  
Gmilos Chesed Of Rockland County Inc03$738,680$16,329
Gold Family Foundation03$13,924,456$1,840,763
Guttmann-schwab Family Foundation03$269,767$67,055
Hamaskpik Of Rockland County Inc03$29,395,152$33,381,069
Hamaspik Choice Inc03$6,181,887$13,375,970
Hamaspik Licensed Home Care Inc03  
Hands-on For Children Inc03$105,414$17,053
Hashevaynu Inc03$3,116$332,689
Hatzoloh Ems Inc03$2,754,217$1,832,856
Help Me Fund03  
Hertz Foundation Inc03$202,703$410,022
Heshy And Chaya Gross Special Account Tr03$11,401$25,010
Hirch Foundation03$590,787$9,153
Igud Yehudei Zhitomir03  
Imrei Shufer03  
Isaac Schnitzler Foundation03$1,015$11,316
J & R Foundation03$513,289$3,900
J E P Of Rockland Inc03  
Jerusalem Fellowships Inc03$101,528$1,422,338
Jewish Content Inc03$68,034$166,676
Jewish Foundations Inc03  
Jewish Inspiration Inc03  
Jewish Learning Group Inc03$140,214$115,186
Jewish Lifeline Network Inc03$780,444$1,634,891
Jewish Outreach Congregation03  
Jewish War Veterans Of The United States Of America Inc04  
Josef & Elaine Fischer Foundation Inc03$997,909$53,431
Joseph N Muschel Memorial Foundation Inc03$18,209$5,605
Jsz Family Foundation03  
Julius And Werner M Vorchheimer Foundation03$3,615$51,755
Kaddish Foundation Inc03  
Kahal Mekor Chaim03  
Kahal Minchas Yuir Inc03  
Kahal Shaarei Tefillah03  
Kajmo Gmach Inc03  
Kaser Community Development Inc03$7,706,861$936,961
Kashrus Advocacy Of Rockland Inc03$3,298$12,126
Kceg Foundation03$779,270$371,457
Kcig Foundation03$474,333$42,519
Kehila Ashkenaz Inc03  
Kehilas Bais Avrohom03  
Kehilat Zwehil Inc03  
Keren Avruhom Ebrucha03  
Keren Boruch Yitzchok Foundation03$984$96,154
Keren Chana V Yitzchok Koch Inc03$110,272$5,009
Keren Chasanim Of Saad L Talmid Inc03  
Keren Chasdai Yehuda03  
Keren Hachesed Of Monsey Inc03  
Keren Hachesed Of Rockland County Inc03  
Keren Ner Matisyahu Inc03  
Keren Ohr Premishlan Inc03  
Keren Rachamim Inc03  
Keren Torah@vchesed03$1,022,228$322,296
Keren Yad Veizer Inc03$7,539$381,851
Kesher Trust Fund03$43,109$49,854
Ketana Foundation03$6,592$114,769
Khal Adath Jeshurun Of Monsey Inc03  
Khal Binyan David D Ihel03  
Khal Sheri03  
Khal Tefillah Ldovid03  
Khal Torath Chaim Of Rockland03  
Khal Zichron Michoel03  
Knesset Bnei Hagola Incorporated03  
Kol From Jerusalem Inc03  
Kol Yaakov Torah Center Inc03  
Kolel Bnai Torah03  
Kolell Emes V Emunah Viznitz Inc03  
Kollel Anshei K Doshim03  
Kollel Boker Of Monsey03  
Kollel Daf Yomi Ohr Hameir Inc03  
Kollel Lhalacha Zichron Chaim Pesach Inc03  
Kollel Menachem Inc03  
Kollel Metzeyonim Of Rockland County Tzemach Tzadik03  
Kollel Neizer Yusroel03  
Kollel Zichron Shneur Inc03  
Ksav Sofer International Inc03  
Kupath Ezrah Of Rockland County Inc03$80,040$1,939,968
L Asurim Of Usa03  
La Leche League International Inc03  
Lakewood Minyan Of Monsey03  
Lamalh Inc03  
Lang Family Foundation03$108,882$1
Lechaim Charities Inc03$32,873$44,942
Lecheiris Organization Inc03  
Lehava-rctt Reviving Communities Through Torah Inc03  
Lev Israel Inc03  
Lev Lalev Inc03$30,051$705,991
Lev Nosain03  
Lev Pinchas Foundation Inc03$1,400,763$492,427
Lev Sameach03  
Lifestyle Options For Seniors Foundation Inc03  
Limudei Da As Inc03$271,087$1,195,404
Living Word Christian Fellowship03  
Lomdei Torah03  
Lubavitch Of Monsey Inc03$4,209,635$208,851
M F K Foundation Inc03$1$653,937
Machne Achai Vrayai Inc03  
Machne Israel Youth & Community Service Organization Inc03  
Malbish Zvi Dkrula03  
Mallos Of Monsey Inc03  
Maor Hatorah Trust03$313,985$6,621,072
Margetts Elementary School03  
Mars Foundation03$530,266$670,008
Mashitz Family Charitable Foundation03$106,218$236,649
Matovu Foundation Inc03$1,075,615$3,702
Mechon Ahavas Hatorah Inc03  
Mechon Lhoroa03  
Medical Referral Association Of Rockland Inc03  
Mefal Hatorah Lehafotzas Tamtzis Hainyonim03  
Meged Shomayim03  
Meir And Ruth Stefansky Charitable Tr03$360,415$663,250
Meiras Einoyim03  
Menche Family Charitable Tr03$523,302$41,162
Mendel & Zlata Hoffman Foundation Tr03$325$90,975
Menorah Chesed Inc03$375,364$7,993
Meor Yitzchak03  
Meor Yitzchok Inc03  
Merkaz Hatorah Of South Monsey03  
Merkaz Refoel03  
Mesivta Darkai Torah03  
Mesivta Eeyun Hatalmud Inc03  
Mesivta Of Yeshivah Dmonsey03$9,538$75,371
Mesivta Toldos Aharon03  
Mevakshei Hashem Inc03  
Mid-hudson Community Council Inc03  
Mifael Chasudim Tovem03  
Mikvah Of Rockland County Inc03  
Mikvah Of Rockland County Inc03  
Miller-waxelbaum Family Foundation03$398,260$32,765
Mishmeres Hasholom Inc03$18,910$131,161
Mivtoch Oz03  
Mivtzar Hatorah03  
Mmk Charitable Foundation03$170,574$650
Monsey Chai Line Inc03$245$5,730
Montrose Foundation03$275,905$201,520
Morningstar Foundation Exempt Charitable Tr03$6,393$86,373
Morris Guttman & Eva Guttman Fam Charitable Tr Ua 0422199803$345,231$12,769
Mosad Of Recognition And Rememberance03  
Mosdos D Rabini Of Monsey Inc03  
Mosdos Koloshits03  
Mosdos Nesivas Shalom Inc03  
Mosdos Shomrei Emunim Inc03$204$112,884
Mosdos Torah Inc03  
Mosdos Zichron Erez Inc03  
Moshe Eichler Fund Inc03$341$216,000
Moshe Lehmann Foundation Inc03$3,690$1
Nanach Nation Inc03  
National Council Of Jewish Women Incorporated03$80,291$45,830
National Council Of Young Israel03  
National Society Of The Children Of The American Revolution03  
National Society Of The Daughters Of The American Revolution03  
Neuhaus Family Charitable Foundation03$152,306$2,007
Neuhauser Family Foundation Inc03$332,640$171,499
Neve Yosef Edmund Tennenhaus03  
New Hope Christian Church03  
New Jersey Education Association05  
New York Statewide Rescue Inc03  
Nextdor Inc03  
Northern Metropolitan Foundation For Health Care Inc03$11,404,913$2,157,326
Northern Metropolitan Inc03$5,988,795$15,862,076
Northern Services Group Inc03$130$130
Od Yosef Chai Inc03  
Ohr Hagalil Inc03$2,173$107,569
Ohr Somayach Joseph Tanenbaum Educational Center03  
Orach Foundation03$486,097$19,500
Orot Inc03  
Park Avenue Synagogue Inc03  
Partners In Chinuch Inc03  
Peace N Love Charitable Foundation03  
Persove Foundation Inc03$105,933$46,638
Pinchas Leib And Raizel Katz Foundation03$11,050 
Project Ani Maamin Foundation Inc03$3,150$65,350
Project Care Inc03  
Project Chodosh Inc03  
R & R Family Foundation03$3,074,613$391,460
R C D C Housing Inc03$245,823$302,606
Rabbi M Schwab Memorial Fund Inc03  
Rabbinical College Of Yeshiva And Kolel Bais Medrash Elyon Assn Inc03  
Rainbow Foundation03  
Rak Charitable Foundation03$325,450$500,818
Ramapo Youth Hockey Association Inc03$73,536$1,422,248
Rausman Tzdoko Foundation Inc03  
Reb Shayalas Kitchen03  
Rindner Family Foundation03$24,646$25,000
Rj Foundation Inc03  
Rockland Affordable Housing Inc03$1,080,755$162,000
Rockland Community Bulletin Inc03$43,462$56,618
Rockland Community Development Center Inc03$164,716$140,160
Rockland Community Development Council Inc03$59,536$66,813
Rockland County Development Council Inc03$63,438$68,221
Rockland County Jewish Softballleague Inc04  
Rockland Employment & Community Help Inc03  
Rockland Foundation03$5,152,057$98,121
Rockland Opportunity Development Assoc Inc03$3,682,732$399,269
Rockland Pc Users Group03  
Rose Ocko Foundation Inc03$2,977,261$4
Rotary International04  
Rsp Charitable Foundation Inc03$120,561$29,439
S & R Foundation03$114$66,300
S&p Margareton Fam Foundation Tr03$1$1
Saddle River Valley Swim And Tennis Club Inc07$1,208,569$422,109
Sam Schwimmer Family Foundation03  
Sammy And Betty Wechsler Foundation Inc03$8,170$6,500
Sands Point Fund03$151,290$54,477
Sanz International Institutions Inc03$42,826$292,604
Secours Divine Assistance Inc03$12,291$7,829
Seminar Bais Yaakov Of Monsey Inc03  
Shaar Ephraim03  
Shabbat Hospitality Inc03  
Shabbat Shalom03  
Shalvah Foundation03$636$636
Sharing Seats Inc03$20,235$37,300
Shavei Tzion Inc03  
Sherit Isroel Inc03$126,595$2,402,905
Shining Mountain Center For Peaceful Childhood Inc03  
Shirat Moshe03  
Shirley & Donald Rubin Alte Kahkas Foundation Inc03$27,844$25
Skck Foundation03$190,549$1
Small Expeditions03  
Spitzer Trust03$2,878,179$963,710
Sportstar Academy For Jewish Enrich03  
Spring Valley Rotary Schools To End Poverty Step Inc03$25,453$59,714
St Thomas Syro-malabar Catholic Diocese Of Chicago In Rockland New03  
Stern Foundation03$186,443$195,033
Striks Family Charitable Foundation Tr03$178,685$106,441
Suffern High School Marching Band Association03  
Sunrise Klein Foundation Inc03$465,056$13,582
Support Of Torah Inc03$2,870$74,700
Tal Hashamayim Foundation03$15,090$132,550
Talmud Torah Darkei Avos - Monsey03  
Tauber Family Foundation03$1 
The Brecher Fund03$7,521 
The Dct Foundation03$1,000,000$1,000,000
Tiferes Gedalia Inc03  
Tifereth Yaakov Foundation03$404,611$1,379
Tikun Olam Healing Our World Foundation03$80,933$105,500
Tl Foundation03$344,420$3,336,000
Tomchai Torah Beretz Yisrael Inc03$32,815$1,892,001
Tomche Shabbos Of Rockland County03$1,307,355$2,882,863
Tomchei Torah Of Ponevez Inc03$9,587$122,700
Torah Educational Center Of Swan Lake Inc03  
Torah Responce Inc03$66,519$6,600
Torah Tavlin Harbotzas Torah Network Tthtn Inc03  
Torah Tefillah Of Monsey03  
Torah Vachessed Inc03  
Tov Nosson Foundation03$3,283$2,800
Tov V Chesed Foundation03$1,214$50
Tov Vchesed03  
Tov Vchesed Foundation Inc03$72,676$2,246,772
Tzevet Hatzolah Emergency Response Inc03  
Tzidkas Binyomin Inc03$4,895$57,738
Tzvi Suda Inc03  
Udk Foundation03  
United Community & Care Corporation03  
United Congregations Mesora03  
V O S I A L Associates Incorporated10$366,967$63,436
Vaad Haeruv Of Rockland03$25,640$90,947
Vaad Lekinyan Chelka Baaretz -- Vlcb03  
Vharevnuorg Research Foundation03  
Vision For Haiti Inc03$1$164,758
Weg Foundation Inc03$622,218$261,281
Weiss Family Chesed Foundation03$23,934$500
Yabia Omer03  
Yad Chaya Inc03$522,217$1,029,085
Yad Mordechai Inc03  
Yeshiva Aish Dos Inc03  
Yeshiva Association Of Rockland County Inc03$52,707$217,567
Yeshiva Darchei Noam Of Monsey03  
Yeshiva Dmonsey03  
Yeshiva Dvar Yeshorim03  
Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yisroel Inc03  
Yeshiva Gedolah Of Ramapo Inc03  
Yeshiva Gedolah Of South Monsey03  
Yeshiva Institute Divrei Shmuel Inc03  
Yeshiva Kehillos Yakov03  
Yeshiva Ohr Torah03  
Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael Inc03  
Yeshiva Orach Chaim Inc03  
Yeshiva Orchos Chaim03  
Yeshiva Ruach Chaim Inc03$31,098$657,050
Yeshiva Shaarei Arazim03  
Yeshiva Shefa Chaim03  
Yeshiva Talpiot Inc03$549,238$669,708
Yeshiva Tiferes Shmuel03  
Yeshiva Toras Chaim03  
Yeshiva Vaychi Yosef Of Monsey03  
Yeshivah Chofetz Chaim Inc03  
Yeshivas Ner Dovid Inc03$1,228$385,770
Yeshivat Ateret Cvi & Chevrat Tomchei Torah03  
Yeshivath Viznitz Dkhal Torath Chaim Inc03  
Yizkor Holocaust Memorial Corp03  
Yizkor Memorial Org03  
Yoel And Chaya Sarah Aronson Foundation03$9,950$696
Yr Foundation Trust03$891,661$1,065,428
Yra Fund Inc03  
Yrsrh Of Monsey Inc03  
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc07  
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc -tau Gamma Zeta Scholarship03  
Zichron Aryeh Meir Fund Inc03$275,037$45,312
Zichron Av Trust03$2,514$60,250
Zichron Avroham Moshe Foundation03$428,131$230,564
Zichron Avrohom Vesther Fund03$12,194$183,234
Zichron Chaim Charitable Foundation03$14,323$1,300
Zichron Chaim Inc03$3,460,186$1,999,651
Zichron Dovid Charitable Foundation03$74,955$68,000
Zichron Eliezer03  
Zichron Elimelech Foundation03$1,748$19,660
Zichron Menachem Inc03  
Zichron Moshe03  
Zichron Shimon Foundation03$967$398,325
Zichron Shimshon Foundation Inc03  
Zichron Yaakov And Yonah Inc03  
Zichron Yaakov Institute03  
Zichron Yona Vsara Charitable Foundation03$987,994$215,037
Zichron Yonason Foundation03$231,888$348,324
Zidkath Shalom Foundation Inc03$425,000$425,000
Total $240,662,800$200,743,200

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