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759 Nonprofit organizations in Monsey, NY 10952
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28 Myrberg Avenue Foundat03$440,738$318,197
A Rubin Z Rubin03$1,544$1
Abaya Inc03  
Abe And Chaya Foundation03$422,057$1,360
Abraham & Raizel Ekstein03$341,056$311,477
Abraham Ausch Charity Fou03$698$1
Achi613 Inc03  
Achievement Masters Inc03$66,104$83,200
Acr Foundation03$1$1
Adas Chareidis03  
Adins Closet Inc03  
Affordable Community Inc03$4,102,984$1,333,939
Agudas Achim Of Monsey03  
Agudas Tov Vchesed Inc03$1,006,204$6,265,414
Ahavas Chaverim Gemilas C03  
Airmont Shul03  
Aishel Foundation Inc03$18,795$8
Alex And Zoli Foundation03$10,591$79,172
Als Family Relief Inc03$87,604$8,257
Ambient Funding Corp03$200,243$430,682
American Federation Of Te05$765,292$764,881
American Friends Of Areiv03$80$1,450
American Friends Of Avos03$2,632$238,881
American Friends Of Bais03$484,707$2,619,215
American Friends Of Birch03$79,670$1,079,119
American Friends Of Blev03  
American Friends Of Gaon03$6,040$429,496
American Friends Of Insti03$22,211$88,522
American Friends Of Keren03$29,503$34,593
American Friends Of Kolle03  
American Friends Of Kolle03  
American Friends Of Mosdo03$540,569$218,818
American Friends Of Nesiv03$7,384$283,016
American Friends Of Netiv03$120,665$1,667,646
American Friends Of Sulam03$60,799$119,903
American Friends Of The R03$174,464$697,514
American Friends Of Thora03$480,055$392,425
American Friends Of Torah03$121,903$25,231
American Friends Of Yeshi03$1,636$565,560
American Friends Of Yeshi03$523,860$547,309
American Friends Of Yeshi03$104,070$1,266,189
American Friends Of Zvi L03$235,709$613,642
American Friends Tomchai03$242,546$74,942
American Legion19$147,898$68,818
American Legion19$162,231$173,547
American Postal Workers U05$41,133$24,995
Americas Voices In Israel03$19,211$263,198
Amh Fund03$4,931$1
Anshei Sfard Dmonsey03  
Anshei South Monsey Inc03  
Arena Foundation Inc03$193,235$93,500
Arm Foundation03$216,236$26
Aron And Shaindy Grossman03$517,765$500,009
Aronson Family Charitable03$3,575,187$102,253
Arthur And Joyce Fein Fam03$1,840,573$384,077
Ateres Bais Yaakov Academ03$1,007,233$1,894,694
Ateres Esther Inc03$6,037$16,625
Ateres Rosh Kolbesov03  
Ateres Shalva03  
Avnei Pinchos03  
Avrohom And Blimi Charita03$749,184$157,990
Ayil Institute Inc03  
Aza Charitable Foundation03  
B Y Ltd Foundation03$237,050$6,000
Bais Binyomin Academy Inc03  
Bais Ephraim Charitable F03$7,488,846$2,158,070
Bais Hamedrish Netzach Yi03  
Bais Malka Hasc Llc25$6,807,341$390,000
Bais Mayer Chevra Shas03  
Bais Medrash L Torah03  
Bais Medrash Of Rockland03  
Bais Medrash Of Rockland03  
Bais Pinchos Trisk Inc03  
Bais Trany Of Monsey Inc03  
Bais Yaakov Elementary Of03  
Bais Yaakov Of Spring Val03  
Bais Yehuda Inc03  
Bais Yosef Meir03  
Bartlett Foundation03$29,345$30,027
Bayis Shaini Inc03  
Bayit Cham03$48,692$40,006
Beineinu Inc03  
Beir Yosef03$156,786$419,307
Beis Gavriel03  
Beis Neimon D Rabeinu Yoe03  
Beitar Foundation Incorpo03$6,167$125,000
Beith Matityahu03$8,957$180,954
Benmen Fund03$28,517$165,051
Benson Breast Cancer Foun03  
Beth Horoah Inc03  
Beth Israel Of Monsey03  
Beth Medrash Eeyun Hatalm03  
Beth Oloth03$7,908$373,992
Beth Tefilla Of Monsey03  
Bikur Cholim Inc03$2,607,438$5,124,928
Binyan Torah Inc03  
Birchas Avreichim Foundat03$14,140$120,303
Birchas Shmuel Foundation03$1,686,706$150,805
Bnei Aharon Charitable Tr03  
Bnei Meshulem Inc03  
Bnei Mordechai Charitable03$1,149,989$491,045
Bnei Moshe Foundation03$1$1
Bnei Yeshivas World Stude03  
Bnei Yeshurun Of Monsey03  
Bnei Yissocher Foundation03$1,210$18,333
Bodner Family Foundation03$16,474,828$180,392
Bosem Foundation03$483,245$331,319
Botai Elyon Inc03  
Bruck Foundation Inc03$189,752$12,031
Camp Gan Israel North Eas03$1,518,622$503,107
Caring Fund Inc03$183,955$211,872
Catholic Daughters Of The03  
Cays Family Foundation In03$101,000$101,000
Cea-how Area 403  
Center For Jewish Family03$135,816$312,129
Center For Training Jewis03$80,740$66,902
Central Uta Of Monsey03  
Chabad Of The Upstate03  
Chaim Vchesed Dribnitz03  
Chasdei Chava Fund Inc03  
Chasdei Miriam Devorah In03  
Chasdei Yakov Foundation03$305,000$305,000
Chasden Nisroel And Slava03  
Chasodim Inc03$1,800$2,250
Chayei Olam03  
Chazora Center Of Rocklan03  
Cheder Chabad-Monsey03$867,935$4,013,642
Chesed Vtovos03  
Chevra Hatzoloh Of Rockla03  
Chevra Mishnayos Of Monse03  
Chevra Osai Tzdokoh Vches03  
Chevra Shas Keren Yeshua03  
Chochma Vodaas03  
Christian Community Sprin03  
College And Community Tor03  
Community Humanitarian As03  
Community Medical And Den03$4,308,290$10,497,003
Community Mikvah Of Wilde03$435,660$264,837
Community Outreach Center03$5,083,888$9,208,643
Community Synagogue Of Mo03  
Concord Charity Fund Corp03  
Cong Avrichem Dsatmar03  
Cong Bais Chana03  
Cong Bais Chinuch Hayosho03  
Cong Bais Yitzchak Inc03  
Cong Beear Avrohom Dsloni03  
Cong Beer Menachem03  
Cong Beth Medrash Meor Yi03  
Cong Beth Medresh Chemed03  
Cong Birchas Shulem Of Sv03  
Cong Bnei Meluchim Inc03  
Cong Divri Emuna Inc03  
Cong Ezer Yeshiva03  
Cong Gmach Mordche Vchave03  
Cong Kehal Adas Nasaud03  
Cong Kehilath Yakov Pupa03  
Cong Keren Zichron Yitzch03  
Cong Merkoz Halacha03  
Cong Mesifta Ohel Torah I03  
Cong Metar Hashomayim Dba03  
Cong Mischknois Lavier Ya03  
Cong Mkadshei Shvii Inc03  
Cong Nachlas Mordechai Zv03  
Cong Ohel Torah03  
Cong Ohel Yehoshua Of Bel03  
Cong Ohel Yitzchok Svaliv03  
Cong Oholei Tzvi Dspinka03  
Cong Ohr Yisroel Vilednik03  
Cong Ponim Meiros D Monse03  
Cong Shaarei Chesed03  
Cong Shaharei Rachim Inc03  
Cong Torah Vchesed03  
Cong Vayoal Moshe Satmer03  
Cong Yeshiva Ohr Yesha Kh03  
Cong Yeshiva Tiferes Bach03  
Cong-yeshiva & Kollel Zic03  
Cong@chasdei Yesucher Inc03  
Congeration Aharon Vyaako03  
Congration Ribinitz Inc03  
Congregation & Yeshiva De03  
Congregation & Yeshiva Pa03  
Congregation Adas Chasidi03  
Congregation Adas Lublin03  
Congregation Adas Vien In03  
Congregation Agudath Isra03  
Congregation Ahavas Olam03  
Congregation Ahavas Yitzc03  
Congregation Akeres Habay03  
Congregation Al Hadaf03  
Congregation And Yeshiva03  
Congregation And Yeshiva03  
Congregation Anshei Chese03  
Congregation Ateres Hator03  
Congregation Ateres Yisro03  
Congregation Avos Ubanim03  
Congregation Avreichim Vi03  
Congregation Ayshel Avrah03  
Congregation B Nei Avraha03  
Congregation Bais Aharon03  
Congregation Bais Avrohom03  
Congregation Bais Chaim A03  
Congregation Bais Chana M03  
Congregation Bais Chinuch03  
Congregation Bais Efraim03  
Congregation Bais Elazar03  
Congregation Bais Hillel03  
Congregation Bais Usher D03  
Congregation Bais Usher D03  
Congregation Bais Yaakov03  
Congregation Bais Yaakov03  
Congregation Bais Yehuda03  
Congregation Bais Yehudi03  
Congregation Bais Yisoche03  
Congregation Bais Zichron03  
Congregation Beis Pinchus03  
Congregation Beis Ratzfer03  
Congregation Beth Aron Dk03  
Congregation Beth David03  
Congregation Beth Eliezer03  
Congregation Beth Medrosh03  
Congregation Beth Mikroh03  
Congregation Beth Rochel03  
Congregation Beth Yechil03  
Congregation Beth Yitzhoc03  
Congregation Bethel Of Sw03  
Congregation Bikor Cholim03  
Congregation Binas Yisasc03  
Congregation Birchos Yose03  
Congregation Birkas Rosh03  
Congregation Bnai Torah03  
Congregation Bnei Aharon03  
Congregation Bnei Moshe O03  
Congregation Bnei Sholem03  
Congregation Bnei Yakov03  
Congregation Bnei Yerusha03  
Congregation Bnos Melochi03  
Congregation Bnos Toras E03  
Congregation Bobov Commun03  
Congregation Borov Inc03  
Congregation Chaim Lalev03  
Congregation Chaim Ubrach03  
Congregation Chaim V-Ches03  
Congregation Chasadim Tov03  
Congregation Chasdei Brac03  
Congregation Chasdei Tzed03  
Congregation Chasdeir Avo03  
Congregation Chasidai Bel03  
Congregation Chasidei Bob03  
Congregation Chasidei Gur03  
Congregation Chassidic Vi03  
Congregation Chazon Yeche03  
Congregation Chesed Veyes03  
Congregation Childrens Ai03  
Congregation Derech Emes03  
Congregation Derech Emes03  
Congregation Divrei Chaim03  
Congregation Divrei Yeche03  
Congregation Dkhal Derech03  
Congregation Eitz Chaim03  
Congregation Eizer Lbrach03  
Congregation Emek Tefilah03  
Congregation Emes V-Emuna03  
Congregation Even Shelema03  
Congregation Ezer L Yehud03  
Congregation Gemach Sanz03  
Congregation Gemach V Yoe03  
Congregation Gmach Yakov03  
Congregation Hachzukas Ac03  
Congregation Hadar Inc03  
Congregation Heichal Hako03  
Congregation Hichal Habro03  
Congregation Hisachdus Av03  
Congregation Ichud Hakehi03  
Congregation Kahal Charei03  
Congregation Kehal Square03  
Congregation Kehilath Jac03  
Congregation Keren Ecrah03  
Congregation Keren Hatora03  
Congregation Keren Nisien03  
Congregation Keren Yaakov03  
Congregation Keren Yehosh03  
Congregation Keren Yesomi03  
Congregation Khal And Bet03  
Congregation Khal Avreich03  
Congregation Khal Bais Mo03  
Congregation Khal Beis Us03  
Congregation Khal Divrei03  
Congregation Khal Fristik03  
Congregation Khal Kdishas03  
Congregation Khal Yereim03  
Congregation Khal Yereim03  
Congregation Khal Zvi03  
Congregation Kinyan Sefor03  
Congregation Knesseph Mor03  
Congregation Kol Juda03  
Congregation Kolel Ahavas03  
Congregation Kolel Bais A03  
Congregation Kolel Bnei B03  
Congregation Kolel Sanz K03  
Congregation Kolel Toras03  
Congregation Kollel Atera03  
Congregation Kollel Horab03  
Congregation Kollel Meor03  
Congregation Lev Simcha03  
Congregation Lizensk03  
Congregation Machon Tifer03  
Congregation Machzikei To03  
Congregation Mesifta03  
Congregation Mesifta Beth03  
Congregation Mesista Ohr03  
Congregation Migdal Hasha03  
Congregation Mikdash Dovi03  
Congregation Myad Lyad In03  
Congregation Nachlas Chai03  
Congregation Nachlas Mosh03  
Congregation Ner Yehuda03  
Congregation Neturei Kart03  
Congregation Netzach Avro03  
Congregation Netzach Mena03  
Congregation Of Concord I03  
Congregation Of Koifer Ne03  
Congregation Of New Squar03  
Congregation Of Ridnik03  
Congregation Ohaiv Yisroe03  
Congregation Ohel Avrohom03  
Congregation Ohel Moshe03  
Congregation Ohel Torah O03  
Congregation Ohel Yaakov03  
Congregation Ohel Yitzcho03  
Congregation Ohr Hachai-S03  
Congregation Ohr Hamaeir03  
Congregation Ohr Hameir D03  
Congregation Ohr Torah In03  
Congregation Ohr Yitzchok03  
Congregation Ohr Yosef03  
Congregation Ohrmoshe03  
Congregation Orchos Chaim03  
Congregation Osher Bchaim03  
Congregation Osseh Chesed03  
Congregation Pri Menachem03  
Congregation Project Awar03  
Congregation Reyim Ahuvim03  
Congregation Rimza D Choc03  
Congregation Rodeph Shalo03  
Congregation Saad Letorah03  
Congregation Sdei Yitzcok03  
Congregation Sdei Yosef03  
Congregation Sedilkov Inc03  
Congregation Shaar Ephrai03  
Congregation Shar Hatalmi03  
Congregation Sharei Tefil03  
Congregation Shearis Nach03  
Congregation Shefa Chaim03  
Congregation Shilo Inc03  
Congregation Shimee Usche03  
Congregation Sussen Vsimc03  
Congregation Talmud Torah03  
Congregation Talmud Torah03  
Congregation Tamar Of Mon03  
Congregation Tel-dun Of M03  
Congregation Terzal Inc03  
Congregation Tiferes Tzvi03  
Congregation Tifereth Avr03  
Congregation Tifereth Bna03 $322,692
Congregation Tifereth Boc03  
Congregation Tifereth Isr03  
Congregation Tlc Inc03  
Congregation Toldos Aron03  
Congregation Toldos Yitzc03  
Congregation Torah Outrea03  
Congregation Torah Vyirah03  
Congregation Torath Hamis03  
Congregation Tzadik Yesod03  
Congregation Tzemach Dovi03  
Congregation Tzemach Tzed03  
Congregation Y H K A Inc03  
Congregation Yad Linidach03  
Congregation Yadeluzer In03  
Congregation Yaldei Yocho03  
Congregation Yasla03  
Congregation Yesheos Yako03  
Congregation Yeshiva Karl03  
Congregation Yeshiva Kess03  
Congregation Yeshiva Of G03  
Congregation Yeshivas Meo03  
Congregation Yeshivas Viz03  
Congregation Yeshivath Ma03  
Congregation Yeshuos Mosh03  
Congregation Yetev Lev Of03  
Congregation Yotzer Ohr I03  
Congregation Zemach David03  
Congregation Zichroen Tzv03  
Congregation Zichron Be E03  
Congregation Zichron Chai03  
Congregation Zichron Cich03  
Congregation Zichron Mosh03  
Congregation Zichron Shlo03  
Congregation Zichron Tzvi03  
Congregation Zichron Yitz03  
Congregation Zichron Zvi03  
Congregation Ziev Hatorah03  
Congrgation Kochev Yitzch03  
Congrgation Madrich Bunim03  
D&mn Foundation03$591,633$590,739
Daboise Foundation Inc03$63,648$59
Dare Msy Charitable Found03$16,294,752$421,692
David And Chaya Zahler Fo03$345,356$2,166,839
Diamond Foundation03$1$1
Dinim Foundation03$787$6,600
Divrei Avrohom Inc03$1$1
Ebg Charitable Foundation03  
Educational Media Exposit03  
Evven Yashfeh Inc03  
Ezer Nisuin Inc03  
Ezras Yisrael03  
Fellowship For Campus Saf03  
Fishoff Family Foundation03$8,506,505$1,161,424
Fls Foundation Inc03$866,652$764,817
Focusing Initiatives Inte03$109,900$163,891
Foundation For The Legacy03  
Fountainview At College R03$23,362,552$6,802,208
Friends Of Ahavat Shalom03$186,706$5,724,536
Friends Of Institute For03  
Friends Of Michlalah Yeru03$1,022,270$416,906
Friends Of Nahal Haredi I03$20,416$661,746
Friends Of Pnei Shmuel In03$9,541$41,330
Friends Of Rockland Inc03$70,772$224,911
Friends Of The Brisker Ye03  
Friends With Diabetes Int03$24,514$152,130
Gateways Organization Hol03  
Gateways Organization Inc03$9,832,205$13,042,162
Gemilas Chesed Inc03$1,525,005$21,800
Genuth Family Foundation03$560$1
Gmach Hatzoloh Of Rocklan03  
Gmilos Chesed Of Rockland03$754,905$21,761
Gold Family Foundation03$14,929,649$1,415,765
Greenzweig Family Foundat03 $78,385
Guttmann-schwab Family Fo03$305,517$120,321
Hamaskpik Of Rockland Cou03$42,681,340$47,520,329
Hamaspik Choice Inc03$16,290,603$72,254,941
Hamaspik Licensed Home Ca03  
Hands-on For Children Inc03$105,414$17,053
Hashevaynu Inc03$2,173$371,664
Hatzolah Tosh Inc03  
Hatzoloh Ems Inc03$2,973,787$2,159,047
Help Me Fund03  
Heshy And Chaya Gross Spe03$11,228$32,001
Igud Yehudei Zhitomir03  
Imrei Shufer03  
Isaac Schnitzler Foundati03  
J & R Foundation03$512,889$1,025
J E P Of Rockland Inc03  
Jeffrey Charitable Founda03$917,120$1,120,000
Jerusalem Fellowships Inc03$277,762$1,763,743
Jewish Content Inc03 $138,414
Jewish Foundations Inc03  
Jewish Inspiration Inc03  
Jewish Learning Group Inc03$160,874$124,034
Jewish Lifeline Network I03$1,639,483$1,990,312
Jewish Outreach Congregat03  
Josef & Elaine Fischer Fo03$441,128$1,047
Joseph N Muschel Memorial03$44,244$13,841
Jsz Family Foundation03  
Julius And Werner M Vorch03$9,419$27,690
Kaddish Foundation Inc03  
Kahal Mekor Chaim03  
Kahal Minchas Yuir Inc03  
Kahal Shaarei Tefillah03  
Kajmo Gmach Inc03  
Kaser Community Developme03$7,348,183$885,042
Kashrus Advocacy Of Rockl03$547$10,273
Kceg Foundation03$1,566,857$1,000,001
Kcig Foundation03$468,891$34,720
Kehila Ashkenaz Inc03  
Kehilas Bais Avrohom03  
Kehilat Zwehil Inc03  
Keren Avruhom Ebrucha03  
Keren Boruch Yitzchok Fou03$19,160$233,541
Keren Chasanim Of Saad L03  
Keren Chasdai Yehuda03  
Keren Hachesed Of Monsey03  
Keren Hachesed Of Rocklan03  
Keren Ner Matisyahu Inc03$5,200$206,500
Keren Rachamim Inc03  
Keren Torah@vchesed03$966,927$428,772
Keren Yad Veizer Inc03$7,161$251,685
Kesher Trust Fund03$39,260$69,604
Ketana Foundation03$137,883$260,458
Keter Hatorah03$8,494$97,466
Khal Adath Jeshurun Of Mo03  
Khal Binyan David D Ihel03  
Khal Sheri03  
Khal Tefillah Ldovid03  
Khal Torath Chaim Of Rock03  
Khal Zichron Michoel03  
Kids-n-camp Fund Inc03  
Kisrei Organization Inc03  
Knesset Bnei Hagola Incor03  
Kol From Jerusalem Inc03  
Kol Yaakov Torah Center I03  
Kolel Bnai Torah03  
Kolell Emes V Emunah Vizn03  
Kollel Anshei K Doshim03  
Kollel Boker Of Monsey03  
Kollel Daf Yomi Ohr Hamei03  
Kollel Menachem Inc03  
Kollel Metzeyonim Of Rock03  
Kollel Neizer Yusroel03  
Kollel Torah Inc03$38,847$1,660,685
Kollel Zichron Shneur Inc03  
Ksav Sofer International03  
Kupath Ezrah Of Rockland03$195,290$2,645,854
L Asurim Of Usa03  
La Leche League Internati03  
Lakewood Minyan Of Monsey03  
Lamalh Inc03  
Lang Family Foundation03$48,512$1
Lechaim Charities Inc03$32,873$44,942
Lehachyos Inc03  
Lev Israel Inc03  
Lev Lalev Inc03$73,853$812,980
Lev Malka Inc03  
Lev Nosain03  
Lev Pinchas Foundation In03$1,160,734$183,059
Lev Sameach03  
Lev Yisroel03$1,556$25,225
Lifestyle Options For Sen03  
Limudei Da As Inc03$187,737$1,326,506
Living Word Christian Fel03  
Lubavitch Of Monsey Inc03$4,364,026$385,075
M F K Foundation Inc03$1$672,068
Machne Achai Vrayai Inc03  
Machne Israel Youth & Com03  
Malbish Zvi Dkrula03  
Mallos Of Monsey Inc03  
Maor Hatorah Trust03$76,077$4,357,127
Mars Foundation03$924,918$300,295
Mashitz Family Charitable03$129,244$192,134
Matovu Foundation Inc03$866,015 
Mechon Ahavas Hatorah Inc03  
Mechon Lhoroa03  
Mefal Hatorah Lehafotzas03  
Meged Shomayim03  
Meir And Ruth Stefansky C03$271,792$255,000
Meiras Einoyim03  
Menche Family Charitable03$633,384$36,002
Mendel & Zlata Hoffman Fo03$354$77,766
Menorah Chesed Inc03$200,494$5,419
Meor Yitzchak03  
Meor Yitzchok Inc03  
Merkaz Hatorah Of South M03  
Merkaz Refoel03  
Mesivta Darkai Torah03  
Mesivta Eeyun Hatalmud In03  
Mesivta Lev Tmimim Lubavi03  
Mesivta Of Yeshivah Dmons03$9,538$75,371
Mesivta Toldos Aharon03  
Mevakshei Hashem Inc03  
Mid-hudson Community Coun03  
Mifael Chasudim Tovem03  
Mikvah Of Rockland County03  
Mikvah Of Rockland County03  
Miller-waxelbaum Family F03$398,260$32,765
Mishmeres Hasholom Inc03$30,988$106,063
Mivtoch Oz03  
Mivtzar Hatorah03  
Mmk Charitable Foundation03$167,567$1
Monsey Chai Line Inc03$6$7,665
Montrose Foundation03$279,647$6,870
Morningstar Foundation Ex03$4,114$50,591
Morris Guttman & Eva Gutt03$331,441$11,151
Mosad Of Recognition And03  
Mosdos D Rabini Of Monsey03  
Mosdos Koloshits03  
Mosdos Nesivas Shalom Inc03$3,477$537,334
Mosdos Sanz Klausenburg O03  
Mosdos Shomrei Emunim Inc03 $283,205
Mosdos Torah Inc03  
Mosdos Zichron Erez Inc03  
Moshe Eichler Fund Inc03$8,992$253,779
National Council Of Young03  
National Society Of The D03  
Ner Malka Inc03  
Neuhaus Family Charitable03$152,418$1,756
Neuhauser Family Foundati03$534,688$191,532
Neve Yosef Edmund Tennenh03  
New Hope Christian Church03  
New York Statewide Rescue03  
Nextdor Inc03$1,627$98,631
Noam Shabbos03$9,212$741,778
Northern Metropolitan Fou03$10,652,296$2,076,738
Northern Metropolitan Inc03$10,680,733$16,626,118
Northern Services Group I03$1 
Od Yosef Chai Inc03  
Ohr Hagalil Inc03$524 
Ohr Somayach Joseph Tanen03  
Oiz Vehuder03  
Orach Foundation03$470,259 
Orot Inc03  
Park Avenue Synagogue Inc03  
Partners In Chinuch Inc03  
Peace N Love Charitable F03$970$8,500
Persove Foundation Inc03$207,159$119,436
Project Ani Maamin Founda03$59,952$233,598
Pta New York Congress03  
Pta New York Congress03  
Pta New York Congress Gra03  
R & R Family Foundation03$2,791,100$186,650
R C D C Housing Inc03$268,487$455,048
Rabbi M Schwab Memorial F03  
Rabbinical College Of Yes03  
Rainbow Foundation03$78,554$75,020
Rak Charitable Foundation03$373,711$171,152
Ramapo Youth Hockey Assoc03$141,663$1,766,753
Rausman Tzdoko Foundation03  
Reb Shayalas Kitchen03  
Rindner Family Foundation03$21,347$50,000
Rj Foundation Inc03$97,470$139,000
Rockland Affordable Housi03$1,598,917$179,400
Rockland Community Bullet03$52,310$50,288
Rockland Community Develo03$97,172$71,772
Rockland Community Develo03$206,178$153,758
Rockland County Developme03$106,521$88,038
Rockland County Forensic03  
Rockland County Jewish So04  
Rockland Employment & Com03  
Rockland Foundation03$4,894,465$170,444
Rockland Opportunity Deve03$3,700,718$443,160
Rockland Poet Inc03  
Rose Ocko Foundation Inc03$3,426,553$2
Rosh Pinah Inc03  
Rotary International04  
Rsp Charitable Foundation03$1$1
S & R Foundation03$19,770$96,000
S&p Margareton Fam Founda03$1$1
Sam Schwimmer Family Foun03$35,013$150,000
Sands Point Fund03$100,169$1
Sanz International Instit03$42,826$292,604
Secours Divine Assistance03$7,256$7,178
Seminar Bais Yaakov Of Mo03  
Shaar Ephraim03  
Shaarei Arazim Of Monsey03$9,378$128,956
Shabbat Hospitality Inc03  
Shabbat Shalom03  
Shalvah Foundation03$176,448$193,881
Sharing Seats Inc03$4,209$254,370
Shavei Tzion Inc03  
Shining Mountain Center F03  
Shirat Moshe03  
Shirley & Donald Rubin Al03$24,836$20
Shulem And Chany Mermelst03$247,163$130,160
Simchas Ephraim Shimon03  
Skck Foundation03$191,117$30,000
Slh Charitable Foundation03  
Spitzer Trust03$2,726,346$811,476
Sportstar Academy For Jew03  
Spring Valley Rotary Scho03$42,644$99,382
St Thomas Syro-malabar Ca03  
Stern Foundation03$388,777$5,221
Striks Family Charitable03$72,144$39,701
Sunrise Klein Foundation03$489,471$25,314
Tal Hashamayim Foundation03$16,587$155,660
Tauber Family Foundation03$1 
The Brecher Fund03$16,069 
The Dct Foundation03$3,837,369$938,965
Tiferes Gedalia Inc03  
Tifereth Yaakov Foundatio03$365,704$1,191
Tikun Olam Healing Our Wo03$80,602$61,176
Tomchai Torah Beretz Yisr03$189,637$2,788,530
Tomche Shabbos Of Rocklan03$2,241,762$3,771,364
Tomchei Torah Of Ponevez03$367$25,120
Torah Educational Center03  
Torah Responce Inc03$66,048$2,500
Torah Tavlin Harbotzas To03$398$21,376
Torah Tefillah Of Monsey03  
Torah Tmimah Congregation03  
Torah Vachessed Inc03  
Tov Nosson Foundation03$1,293$1
Tov V Chesed Foundation03$10,627$41,516
Tov Vchesed03  
Tov Vchesed Foundation In03$99,248$3,727,232
Tutoring Resource03  
Tzidkas Binyomin Inc03$5,467$81,530
Tzvi Suda Inc03  
Udk Foundation03$332,932$306,061
United Community & Care C03  
United Congregations Meso03  
V O S I A L Associates In10$320,817$103,480
Vaad Haeruv Of Rockland03$23,678$66,710
Vharevnuorg Research Foun03  
Village Green Shul03  
Vision For Haiti Inc03$2,821$31,190
Weg Foundation Inc03$613,143$130,439
Weiss Family Chesed Found03$13,309 
Yabia Omer03$8,958$7,816
Yad Chaya Inc03$228,238$1,029,840
Yad Lelev Foundation Inc03  
Yad Moach Vlev Foundation03  
Yad Mordechai Inc03  
Yaw Foundation Inc03$331,241$510,352
Yeshiva Aish Dos Inc03  
Yeshiva Association Of Ro03$18,314$41,650
Yeshiva Darchei Noam Of M03  
Yeshiva Darkei Emunah03  
Yeshiva Dmonsey03  
Yeshiva Dvar Yeshorim03  
Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yisr03  
Yeshiva Gedolah Of Ramapo03  
Yeshiva Gedolah Of South03  
Yeshiva Institute Divrei03  
Yeshiva Kehillos Yakov03  
Yeshiva Ohr Torah03  
Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael Inc03  
Yeshiva Orach Chaim Inc03  
Yeshiva Orchos Chaim03  
Yeshiva Ruach Chaim Inc03$487,530$988,000
Yeshiva Shaarei Arazim03$142,667$1,332,358
Yeshiva Shefa Chaim03  
Yeshiva Talpiot Inc03$549,238$669,708
Yeshiva Tiferes Shmuel03  
Yeshiva Toras Chaim03  
Yeshiva Vaychi Yosef Of M03  
Yeshivas Eitz Chaim Inc03  
Yeshivas Ner Dovid Inc03$37,654$421,590
Yeshivat Ateret Cvi & Che03  
Yeshivath Viznitz Dkhal T03  
Yizkor Holocaust Memorial03  
Yizkor Memorial Org03  
Yoel And Chaya Sarah Aron03$9,371$696
Yr Foundation Trust03$1,716,434$170,043
Yra Fund Inc03$240,413$1
Yrsrh Of Monsey Inc03  
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority In03  
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority In07  
Zichroin Rabbeini Meshile03$125$1
Zichron Aryeh Meir Fund I03$269,299$8,831
Zichron Av Trust03$9,974$55,715
Zichron Avroham Moshe Fou03$515,290$223,473
Zichron Avrohom Inc03  
Zichron Avrohom Vesther F03 $222,188
Zichron Avrohom Yosef Fou03  
Zichron Chaim Charitable03$237$1
Zichron Chaim Inc03$6,925,629$2,189,491
Zichron Eliezer03  
Zichron Elimelech Foundat03$2,292$50,146
Zichron Menachem Inc03  
Zichron Moshe03  
Zichron Shimon Foundation03$789$443,800
Zichron Shimshon Foundati03  
Zichron Yaakov And Yonah03  
Zichron Yaakov Institute03  
Zichron Yona Vsara Charit03$956,022$85,327
Zichron Yonason Foundatio03$331,530$504,061
Zidkath Shalom Foundation03$899,985$900,000
Total $302,682,600$288,333,000

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